Wednesday, January 04, 2012

4. Letterbox

If it weren't 18° outside my kitchen window, I'd walk to the curb and take an artistic shot of my beat-up mailbox against the scraggly pine that I'm always "this close" to cutting down. I'd ruminate on how appearances can be deceiving, that even the rustiest mailbox always holds out the hope of a surprise, how even the ugliest tree has its own beauty.

But it's cccold out there. Too cold for patiently getting the right angle, the right light, the right everything. 

My second thought was to photograph the door to the office, which is covered with Christmas cards. (Yes, Christmas cards. There's not a Kwanzaa card among them, nor Hannukah nor Denali nor New Year's cards.) I'd talk about friendships and holidays and memories and connections. But I'm not in the mood. 

So I'm going with this:

The top tray is unpaid bills, some unopened. The middle tray is things I want to keep but don't really have a place for. The bottom tray is paid bills, waiting for me to sort and file them away.  The photo doesn't really generate conversation, but it is a good snapshot of real life.

Also, please notice that my pencil holder has no pencils. Grrrrr. Or ball point pens. It just has one thick red marker that I picked up off the floor yesterday. I get so annoyed with my kids when I need to write something down and there are no pens on my desk.  Grrrrr.


  1. My daughter is forever "borrowing" pens despite having a box full of them in her room.

    It's scissors that go missing on me. Specifically the pair from the kitchen which forces me to use the safety scissors from my desk (that may or may not have been "borrowed" by the aforementioned child).

    Your organizer looks so organized though, sigh.

  2. Ha! I've solved the missing scissors problem by having three pairs in the kitchen, including one on the top shelf over the microwave. Those scissors are always there, even when the others have wandered off.

  3. I love that you have piles like me! Even though yours are in neat trays. Funny how real life continues to just happen no matter what other circumstances might be around at the moment.


  4. I *particularly* like that gray card in your inbox, waiting to be kept. ;o) At least I know you received it!! =)

    And my piles are totally messy. Yet if I move them, I fear I'll forget to pay those bills! I seriously need a more in-my-face/line-of-sight location for my bill separator doohicky organizer. =)

    And as you can see, I have no intelligent thoughts tonight whatsoever.

    And curse you for recommending that book. I started it, and while I said in an email to Kristie 30 minutes ago I was going to be good and go to bed, it obviously hasn't happened…and my Kindle is beckoning me! Calling me! Taunting me!

    Curse you. ;o) With lots of love, though.

    Right, going now. xoxo!!

  5. I *knew* you'd like that, Candice! I thought about straightening the pile, but decided to leave it au naturale.