Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28. The worst trip I ever took

So many to choose from ...

Was it the time Nick and I went to visit his family and I got in trouble for not being able to read my MIL's mind?  He and all three of his siblings were going to have lunch together -- which didn't happen very often since they were scattered around the country at that point -- and they invited me to join them. Of course! I said.  We were still relatively newly married, and I was delighted to be included and eager to please.  My MIL asked me to go shopping with her instead.  I declined, because I had made a previous commitment that I wanted to honor. She pressed me and I stood firm, not wanting to disappoint my new siblings. (Ha! Little did I know ...)  Later that afternoon, the younger sister said to me, Why were you so stubborn with Mom? Didn't you get the hint that it was just supposed to be us at lunch?  Ummm... no, I didn't. Unbeknownst to me, my MIL had decided it should just be her four children, and I was not getting the message. If anyone had a particular agenda for me to follow, it would have been best to just come out and tell me. I'm amenable that way.

Or maybe it was the time Nick and I went to visit his family, and his mother dragged him to see their quack chiropractor for his sinus infection.  No antibiotics, thank you. Instead, the chiro put Nick through the wringer, so that he couldn't walk easily for 2 days. He also gave Nick some concoction -- which my MIL insisted he drink for cleansing purposes -- that left Nick with miserable bowels for the same 2 days that he was sore and stiff from the "manipulation." That was the last time we ever went to visit Nick's family, because he swore he'd never go back to Kansas.

Or maybe it was the visit to see his family during which I found out that my in-laws had, in fact, received the payout from his retirement account and had kept the money, rather than giving it to me or putting it in trust for his children.

Or maybe it was the trip during which my MIL forgot that my sons are, in fact, her grandsons.

So many possibilities that I don't think I can choose just one. Whichever trip was the worst I ever took, I can tell you this: It included my in-laws.


  1. And I thought my in-laws were bad. You take the prize. I am so sorry for all they have put you and the boys through over the years.

    This year I am finally going to get the strength to tell my in-laws we won't be seeing them for Christmas. I just want a peaceful Christmas and don't want to deal with them.

    1. The good thing is that I really have been able to write them out of my life -- Nick's parents anyway. They aren't worth what psychic energy I do spend on them. Two of his siblings are in the DC area; one of them is utterly ignorable and the other has unexpectedly become a wonderful friend.

  2. Wow. If they wanted a siblings-only lunch, they should have just said so! Don't you love dealing with manipulative, underhanded in-laws who won't be direct?

    1. Now you understand why I love your blog, right?! As different as they are, your stories sound so familiar.