Thursday, November 08, 2012

8. The Career of My Dreams

The prompt for the day is If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want? 

I don't even have to stop and think about it!

I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted to be a great opera star, a great soprano, to be precise. They sing. They act (sort of). They dance (in a manner of speaking). They SING! They fall in love. They are loved. They SING! They rage. They emote all over the place. And they usually get to die dramatic, heart-wrenching deaths. While SINGING!

Who wouldn't want to do that?

My mother always had classical music on the radio and record player. Saturday afternoon was always the live Metropolitan Opera broadcast from New York. And she had full recordings of her favorite operas, along with compilation albums of her favorite performers. My earliest musical memory is coming out of my room after a nap when I was 3 or 4, singing this.

I was, of course, singing both parts. (She dies 5 minutes later, in case you don't know.)  If I couldn't be a soprano, I wouldn't mind being a tenor.  I am, alas, an alto. They have magnificent supporting roles, but don't get the really juicy parts.  And while I have a fine voice, I don't have the real gift.

Too bad. It would have been GRAND!


  1. Alicia, I came over to look at your blog after you visited mine and have already read a lot of your story. I am looking forward to reading the continuing story and more of your NaBloPoMo posts.

  2. This cracks me up. Really. I had no idea. All these years reading and I had no idea. I thought you were going to say "pastor.". Opera star threw me for a loop.

    As for who wouldn't want to do that? Me, for one! No way, no how! Can't sing, can't act, can't dance. And in front of an audience? I'd throw up!

    I've never been to an opera. Never really wanted to. But I promise you, if you become anopera star, I will make every effort to attend. :)


    1. Isn't it great that we can know each other for so many years and still be surprised by the things we learn!

  3. Alicia this post makes me smile! I have to say that I was right there with S thinking that you would say pastor. I absolutely love that your ultimate job would be opera singer.


  4. I love this post. It really made me smile. Opera Singer - so grand and beautiful and powerful. Such passion. That would be totally fun. Unfortunately, I'm tone deaf so I would have to work backstage, but it's a very cool dream.

  5. I'd be a ballerina.

    Would you sing Mimi? The only opera (Gilbert & Sullivan aside!) I love is La Boheme, which I realize makes me totally like everyone else, loving it, but I do. And to my astonishment, when I saw it at NYC Opera about 13 years ago, I cried at the end. It always stuns me when cliches turn out to be true!

    I'm an alto too. And since high school I've wanted to sing Cunegonde's parts in Candide. Sigh.