Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter's Rest

At last the Winter’s Rest has called,
Th’ deepened slumber undisturbed,
A life now left, and now recalled.

With Joys and Sorrows memories spill,
Flow tears of grief, loss, love, uncurbed,
Where life once vibrant now is still.

In Winter’s Deep he lays to sleep,
Our hearts cry out to heav’n above
And pray, Dear Lord, his soul to keep.

Now raise a glass to loved ones gone.
And drink to life, to health, to love,
And friends that help us to live on.
~ Briseadh na Faire

I found this poem over at The Zoo a few days before Christmas. It struck a chord, and I know that it will resonate with many of my readers as well.


  1. Alicia: Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you! Hope you are doing well. Love you friend!